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What We Do.

We support individuals from underserved communities in hands-on technology training and workforce development, that get them dynamic career pathways in Tech. 


The Benefit.

The future of technology depends on a larger, more readily available workforce.

Our efforts aim to unlock the impact citizen developers will have on society, by delivering to them the tools and training they need. 


Our Tools

We engage global community members in training programs that empower them in cloud based software training with tools like:


Google AppSheet

Microsoft Office Suite

Google Workspace

Microsoft Power Apps 

and more. 

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Our Process

We move our members through our learning gateway, which provides:

  1. Assessment

  2. Cloud Platform Training

  3. Citizen Developer Training

  4. Job Readiness Skills

Across these stages we provide them with the tools they need to dream and create the tools of the future. 

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